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Nehru Report 1928

nehru and gandhi

Nehru Report was given in response of Simon Commission (1927) report. As Simon Commission excluded the Indians from the meditation and recommendations which outraged the Indians. To add more insult to injury, Lord Birkenhead (in 1925 and 1927) challenged the Indians to reach an agreed constitution if they were capable enough to do that. The Indian National Congress decided to ... Read More »

Ceramic Painting


Ceramics are made in Pakistan on large scale and are exported to urban cities as well as outer countries. Ceramics look good when are not painted upon, but when colors are added to them, they look best. All the ceramic painting is done beautifully on each piece of ceramic art by skilled local painters. The biggest example of this ceramic ... Read More »

Hanna Lake


Hanna lake is one the main attractions in Quetta city. It’s the ideal place for holiday makers. Hanna Lake is situated near Hanna Udak. It’s 14 km away from Quetta. Hanna Lake was developed by the British Empire in 1894 to save the rain water coming from the cheltan hills around. It is a reservoir for the water but now ... Read More »

Balochi Women Dress


Balochi Dress for woman is one of the beautiful cultural sides of Balochistan. The Balochi Dress is attractive, in fashion, classic and very rich that a woman from any part of world can’t deny wearing it. Balochi dress is called “phashik” in Balochi language. It has heavy embroidered sleeves and borders. It has pockets which are in triangle shape. This ... Read More »

Ceramic Art


If one looks at the world history of ceramic art, then he will get to know that ceramic art was done first in Asia. We can find the remains of this culture in Indus-valley which takes us to the exact details of this beautiful art. A ceramic is something made up of clay. This art was also practiced before in ... Read More »

Hanna Udak


Hanna Udak is one of the best and attractive picnic points for Quetta citizens. All the Quetta citizens visit Hanna Udak mostly in summer. It’s the place where you will find many water cannels, tube wells, Water falls and apple orchards. Hanna Udak can’t be taken as the separate picnic point with boundaries. It’s a Valley surrounded by mountains and ... Read More »

Makran – the makran coast


Makran is half desert, half coastal area. Makran is one of the rich and amazing coasts it is situated by the side of Arabian Sea and the gulf of Oman. Makran is not the single coastal area but it’s the combination of three districts of Ketch, Gawadar and Panjgur. The name Makran has its history. It’s derived from word Maka. ... Read More »



Squash is one of the well played sports in Pakistan, which brought fame, respect and recognition for the country at national and international levels. Since the beginning of this game in 1950, Pakistan enjoyed the top level positions and remarkable achievements among the countries of the world. The first person who started playing squash in Pakistan was Hashim Khan, he ... Read More »

Pakistan Cricket Board – PCB


Pakistan Cricket Board was founded in 1948, soon after the independence of Pakistan. PCB is a supporting body, formed for sports related activities specifically, cricket. It is responsible for all kind of crocket matches at international and professional level, which includes test matches and one day international matches in Pakistan. PCB was renamed to BCCP (Board of Control for Cricket in ... Read More »

Pakistan Railway Map

pakistan railway map

Pakistan Railway Map shows the railway network which runs through the country from Peshawar all the way to the Indus delta in Sindh. It shows the railway linkages of the major cities like from Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, and Sukkur all the way to Karachi and Hyderabad. Also the map is useful to for travellers who want to inquire about the ... Read More »

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