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Cricket Crazy People


Cricket is never alone in Pakistan. Whenever Pakistani Cricket Team contests the whole Pakistani nation also battles. Some pray, some predict, some bet (on Pakistani Cricket Team), some arrange gatherings (with huge LCD / Flat TV Panels installed for viewing live match), some fire bullets in the air with every opponent team’s dismissal or home team’s boundary to celebrate, some dance, ... Read More »

Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress


In literal terms a dress is a human body covering or clothing. But in metaphor dress serves more than mere clothing. It is not limited to provide covering and comfort to human body. Shalwar Kamiz – Our Dress It symbolizes the identity of a clan or nation too. It is a hint which can allow anyone to depict the nationality of ... Read More »



Another traditional dress and the one frequently worn by founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is Sherwani. Sherwani: Origins It is coat like with long sleeves and front-middle buttoned all the way down to knees. It is akin to ‘Achkan’ with only difference is of heavier fabric and lining used in it. People wear it over ‘Kurta’ (another traditional ... Read More »

Kurta – Our Dress


A common Pakistani traditional dress is a loose collarless shirt of length around knees, fastened with tasseled ties, loops or buttons and termed as ‘Kurta’. It is worn by both men and women with loose-fitting Shalwar, pyjama or tight fitting chuuridaar pyjama as casual and formal wear. This traditional dress of Pakistani can be blend into western clothing style by ... Read More »

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