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Pakistan is the place where the courses of history have left their imprints. Starting from the pre-historic times till 1947 history has filled the lap of this land with countless gifts and architecture is one of those gifts which make it more valuable and worth- seeing. These are the samples of the architecture in Pakistan: Minar-e-Pakistan, an amalgamation of Mughal and ... Read More »



In Islamic lunar calendar Shab e Barat is the preceding night of 15th day of Shaban (8th month of Islamic Calendar). On 24th of June 2013 this holy night is approaching. It is spent by Muslims by praying and feasting throughout the night with mosques illuminated. Often termed as “Night of Emancipation” it is considered as the night when ALMIGHTY ... Read More »

Milad Ul Nabi

eid milad

Eid Milad ul Nabi is an occasion which marks the birthday of founder of Islam Hazart Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the third month of Islamic calendar called Rabi ul Awal. It is a religious event which is celebrated by Muslims with spirit just like a carnival. Processions are held with banners marking the teachings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Homes and Masjids ... Read More »

National Anthem – Qomi Tarana


Qaumi Tarana refers to a national anthem which is a musical composition based on patriotism and oriented to present historical struggle of a nation for a cause e.g. revolution, to form a country etc. It is recognized officially by respective government as national song aired usually official ceremonies, parades of armed forces and similar occasions. Pakistan also has its Qaumi ... Read More »

Dupatta – Our Identity


Dopatta is the part of the ladies’ dress in Pakistan and South Asian region where it is worn in different forms with different names.”Chaadar”, “chunri”, “chunni” are the alternates of dopatta. It is the common part of ladies’ outfit all over Pakistan. It is the symbol of female elegance and modesty. Though different styles of wearing dopatta are in vogue ... Read More »

Heer Ranjha – A Folk Tale


Heer was born in a rich “Sayyal” clan of Jhang, Punjab. Dheedo Ranjha was also a Jat from “Takaht Hazara” a village near Sarghoda city of Pakistan. Famous for playing flutes as compared to his three elder brothers who work in lands he was the favorite for his father among them. Once a quarrel occurred between him and his brothers ... Read More »

Sassi Punnoo – Folk Lore


According to a legend ‘Sassi was the princess daughter of Adam Khan, who was the King of Bhambour (a place situated in sindh province of Pakistan towards 40 miles south of Karachi). Upon Sassi’s birth, astrologers were called upon by King Adam Khan to let him know about the Sassi’s fortune. The astrologers predicted her as bad omen for royal family. ... Read More »

Sohni Mahiwal – A folk story


Sohni a beautiful daughter of a potter was born in Gujrat (currently city of Pakistan situated along the bank of river Chenab) during 18th century. When she grew she started to help her father in pottery making by drawing artistic designs on them for sale. One day she was met Izzat Baig a rich trader from Bukhara (Uzbekistan) who at the ... Read More »

Mirza Sahibaan – A Folk Story


The tale of these two was set up in a kheiwa town of Jhang (Punjab). Sahibaan was not only a very beautiful girl but also the daughter of the chief of village. Mirza was also the son of a noble Wanjhal Khan of Danabad, a town of Faisalabad city of Pakistan was also residing in kheiwa for studying inside a ... Read More »

Rural Study


Pakistan is a blessed country with rich and fertile land packed with many natural resources, rivers and perfect weather conditions. Amid the difficult developmental situations, the rural areas of Pakistan are still driving hard for the educational development in the country. Despite the lack of resources for rural study and teaching schools, the aims of Pakistani people are high to ... Read More »

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