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Hingol National Park


190 kilo meters away from Karachi and situated on the coast of Makran, Hingol National Park is the largest park of Pakistan covering about 1,650 km². It covers three districts of Balochistan which are Gwadar, Lasbela, and Awaran with its boundaries of 610, 043 hectares. In 1988, first time it was declared reserved.The area of park grows vegetation of many types ... Read More »

Multani Ceramic Art


The province of Punjab is the land of art, culture, heritage, civilization, history and various innovative skills that the people of this fertile zone are blessed with. When we talk about ceramic art of Pakistan, Multan is the most worth mentioning area and is cultural, historic and artistic city of Punjab. The history of ceramic art in Multan is as ... Read More »

Hafeez Jalandhari


Abu Al Asr Hafeez Jalandhari, a well known name in the history of Pakistan, a poet, writer, philosopher and active participant of the Pakistan Movement before partition. Hafeez Jalandhari was born in Jalandhar, British India on January 14, 1900. Son of Shams-ud-din, who was Hafiz-e-Quran, Hafeez Jalandhari got his early education at a mosque and later on he was sent ... Read More »

Astola Island


Pakistan is located in such region of Asia where the extremity of four seasons makes it a distinguished land. On one side mountains grant it a gorgeous and grand position, on the other, its natural beauty of northern areas dazzles the human eyes. Deserts spread on thousands of miles on one hand and the aquatic wonders on the other. One ... Read More »

Rani Kot Fort


Ranikot Fort is one of those wonders of Sindh which tell the tale of the past through the bricks and mud. The history is silent on the question of the hands and minds behind its construction. and the visitors and chroniclers also wonder on the purpose of this fort far away from the populated areas.90 kilo meters north of Hyderabad ... Read More »

Zamzama Gun


Manufactured by Shah Wali Khan, .and immortalized by Rudyard Kipling by mentioning it in his novel, Zamzama gun of Lahore reminds us of the days when Ahmad Shah Durrani came to Lahore and ordered to make a grand and huge gun. The order was fulfilled and a Jizya (tax) was imposed in 1760 on the Sikhs and Hindus to collect money ... Read More »

Chef Zakir


Chef Zakir is considered as one of the famous and successful chefs in Pakistan. Being an all-rounder in all cuisines, Chef Zakir has made his recognition all over Pakistani media. Chef Zakir, full name, Muhammad Zakir Qureshi, was born in Karachi on 16th February 1967. Basically, he belonged from Bombay, Indore and started his early education from Qulsoom Bai Valika ... Read More »

Lucky Irani Circus


Lucky Irani Circus (Traveling Company Show) is the brain child of Mian Farzand Ali who gave dimensions to performing arts through his home made picture productions. His drive for creating excellence in performing art never ceased and with passage of time he established “Lucky Irani Circus” as the one acclaimed for winning hearts of millions through quality entertainment. Though the ... Read More »

Fort Munro


Named after a British Colonel Munroe and known for mangoes, Fort Munroe is a hill station situated in Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab province of Pakistan. It is 85 km away from main city of Dera Ghazi Khan and has elevation of 6500 feet approx above sea level with natives belonging to leghari tribe. Balauchi and Saraiki languages are followed there. A ... Read More »

Allan Faqeer


Allan Fakir, one of the most recognized folk singers, was born on 1932 in the ancient Aamri village, Taluka Manjhand, Jamshoro, District, Sindh, Pakistan. Known as one of the foremost exponents of sufi music in Pakistan, Allan Fakir belonged to the Mangrasi tribe. The tribe of Mangarhars are believed to bring happiness and welcomed on celebratory occasions for the gift ... Read More »

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