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Pakistan Monument


Pakistan Monument, new monument that has recently been built and erected in Islamabad reflects the unity of the four provinces and three territories. There had been a nationwide competition organized in which renowned architects participated. After a lot of consideration, judges finally approved the design proposed by Mr. Arif Masood. The concept behind the design was representation of a blooming flower ... Read More »

Kites – Flying Beauties


Yesterday I was in interior Lahore there I saw a very glorious kites those attracted a lot. In that very moment a thought jumped in my mind that who invented this beautiful joy so here is my minor attempt. Kites: History According to written references the motherland of this thing is Ancient China dated back to 200 BC but probably ... Read More »

Imran Khan as Cricketer


It was 25th march 1992. The venue was Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) where a man wearing lime green cricketing jersey was lifting a Waterford Crystal Trophy on dais. It was the moment when Imran Khan as cricketer achieved a landmark in the history of Pakistani Cricket. It was the instant when he turned the dream of his nation into reality. It ... Read More »

Arid Beauty of Tharparkar


The arid beauty of Tharparkar is devoid of water especially of river or lake water for the most part of the year. Pakistan is replete with the extreme beauty of the four seasons. On one side, winter leaves everything withered; the intense hot weather evaporates even the breaths on the other Spring brings the message of life all around on one hand; ... Read More »

Ju-Jitsu The Gentle Art


The character jitsu means method or art, while the first character juis usually translated as gentleness pliability or flexibility, Ju-Jitsu. The origin and development of jujitsu is open to much debate. However, the historians seem to agree that ju jitsu derived from ancient Asian styles of hand to hand combat. Ju-Jitsu means ‘flexible science’ and this is the key to success for today’s ... Read More »



The PJJF is the Pakistani forum for Ju-Jitsu where the National Official Sport Authorities can debate issues related to the practice of Ju-Jitsu in order to establish International Programmes and activities, and in order to elect the institutions, which will implement them. As PJJF is Full Member of GAISF (General Assembly of International Sports Federations) and IWGA (International World Games Association) ... Read More »

Blind Dolphins of Indus River


“Indus River” flows through “Sindh” province, originates at “Lake Ngangla Ringco” high on the “Tibetan Plateau” of Northern Pakistan and flows approximately 3,000 Km before finally going into the Arabian Sea. It benefits not only land and people but offers different wonders by providing Home to one of the rarest species of Freshwater” The Blind Dolphins “. These Dolphins are ... Read More »



Pakistani cuisine is as diverse as its people. Among the drinks or beverages consumed in Pakistan, lassi, is quite popular. It is a traditional Pakistani dairy beverage, originally from Punjab. On a hot sunny day it is only natural to quench one’s thirst with a tall glass of Lassi. In Punjab it is the most desired drink , Especially in ... Read More »



Bangles are a part and parcel of ladies’ outfit without which no celebration is complete in Pakistan. They enhance the beauty and delicacy of female wrists. On Eid, wedding ceremonies and other functions, bangles are considered compulsory for ladies. Ladies are especially enthusiastic on blissful occasions. A tradition with new designing and color combinations makes bangles inevitable for all cheerful moments. ... Read More »

Pak-Afghan Relationship


On accords the everlasting relation between Pakistan & Afghanistan started in August 1947 however the bondage of pak-afghan between its people goes beyond Indo-Pak partition due to common religious, cultural, traditional, linguistic and ethnic ties shared on both sides. The common border is 2240 km long and formally known as Durand Line. The fact is that Pakistan’s western border (Afghanistan’s eastern ... Read More »

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