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Malala Yusufzai


The people of Pakistan are literate enough to discriminate between right and wrong which have been proven by the young brave girl of Swat namely Malala Yusufzai. The girl is just 13 years old and she stood up to protect the rights of the girls’ education. She raised her voice and championed the cause for the people of Swat against ... Read More »

Bibi Pak Daman in 2011


The shrine/sepulcher of Ruqayyah binte Ali is acknowledged as Bibi Pak Daman. Fables tell us that the mausoleum holds the crypts of six females from Muhammad’s PBUH ménage. These ladies include Ruqayyah binte Ali, who was the female spawn of Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH son-in-law and cousin Ali ibn Talib with his consort Umm-ul-Bannin binte Huzaam. Bibi Pak Daman, meaning “females ... Read More »

Noor Jehan Tomb


Traveling from Gujranwala to Lahore a small town is situated, before Ravi toll point, the entranceway of Lahore, with a lot of historical background of Mughal Empire. This is Shahdra, a town that like by the Mughal’s very well and they build many gardens, Bara daree (A garden that have twelve doors) and their own tombs. Her real name was Mehar-Un-Nisa, and she was the ... Read More »



There is no doubt to say that the Almighty blesses Pakistan with a lot of personalities. Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was one of them. Allama Iqbal was great poet, philosopher, and a unique thinker. He was born in November 9, 1877, and died in April 21 1938. Lahore is a great and old city and known as the palace where ... Read More »

Hazara Graveyard


Hazara Graveyard is the oldest and most historic graveyards in Baluchistan. It is situated in the foot of Mordar Mountain. Hazara Graveyard as written on its main gate is specifically allocated for Hazara people all over the world. This graveyard is very wide as it ranges till ones eye sight can seek. Hazara Graveyard was formed in 1898.The oldest grave ... Read More »

khawja Sira


Khawja Sira or Hijra in our society are found everywhere with loud makeover. Agonies of the addled identities, pursuit of a name in the universe, deep desire to be recognized by the people all around and earning a reasonable livelihood make the life of the urchins a hard nut to crack. Being the laughing stock on the roads and shouldering ... Read More »

The Charm of Balochi Music


As described in previous articles, you know that Balochi are very different and unique nation. Today we are going to let you know about their music. Balochi Music is mostly performed by group of people known as Ostas. Ostas can be from tribes of Baloch nation but mainly they come of the Rend Tribe. The Ostas render their services to ... Read More »

Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan


Baluchistan is some sort of misunderstood land. People outside think that there is nothing to see or wonder about in Baluchistan. Here is the time to correct them; Baluchistan is a province with nearly have everything that a developing province should have. Whether it’s the best educational institutions like BUITEMS or Pakistan’s third Largest women’s University SBK women’s University or the ... Read More »

Domestic Air Routes Pakistan

Pakistan Domestic Air Routes

This map of domestic air routes Pakistan sketches a brilliant picture of the air transport infrastructure in Pakistan. It outlines all the domestic places that are linked by air travel. This is useful for travellers and tourist in terms of knowing which destinations in Pakistan cab be accessed through air travel. This helps in saving their time. IT shows areas ... Read More »

Forest Map Pakistan

forest map of pakistan

This map shows the forest cover of Pakistan. Forest map Pakistan shows the forest outlook for the country. It marks areas and the types of forest the respective areas are covered with. Coniferous forest can majority be found in the northern areas due to the climatic factor. Also the map shows various vegetation’s which is present from the Gilgit in ... Read More »

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