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14th August Celebrations in Pakistan

14th August Celebrations in Pakistan

14th August Celebrations in Pakistan

Every nation celebrates its independence day with great fanaticism, fervor and renewed promise to make their country strong and affluent. Color full events chalked out in a befitting manner and pay respect to those who gave sacrifice for their mother land to give a bright future to the next generations. Newspapers carry out special supplements, writers write an article highlighting the importance of the day and sacrifices rendered by heroes and nations’ forefathers for it.

14 august 2013 celebrations

Pakistan has gotten its independence on 14th august 1947 since then people of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan celebrating the day of independence, which reminds us of attainment of freedom from British rule who entered in our land early 17th century as business enterprises for establishing their business but established their government and ruled about two centuries to this sub continent. 14th august has indeed been one of the most important day in the history of Pakistan. It is celebrated in every town and city in Pakistan, the whole nation enjoys the day and makes a pledge to strengthen the country.

pakistani flag

People place the national flag on their houses, buildings, vehicles and main streets of their town city to show their affection towards their country. On 14th august the day begins with special prayers for integrity solidarity and development of Pakistan in mosques and religious places across the country.

14th august celebrations lighting

The official merriment take place in Capital and begin with the raising of the national flag on the parliament and presidency followed by a 31-gun salute and 21-gun salute in provinces capitals as well as national flag displays on prominent buildings like supreme court /High Court buildings state Bank building along with all private Bank and financial institutions head offices along with flag hoisting the national anthem is sung at various gift, places schools and monuments on the day. From the beginning of august radio stations and TV channels play patriotic songs (Milli nughmay) and various TV shows and programmed highlights the history culture and achievements of Pakistan are broadcast.


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